1. Skip - Regular skip. Pumping the arms and driving the knees and toes up. 20 yds (18 m)
  2. March - Exaggerated skip. Keeping the elbow at a 90 degree angle and driving the knee and toes up. If your right arm goes forward, your left knee should go forward. 20 yds (18 m)
  3. Arm Swings - Shuffle laterally while swinging your arms side to side straight over head. 20 yds (18 m)
  4. Backward Run - Run backwards while maintaining a forward lean. Make sure you pump your arms and reach back with your feet. 20 yds (18 m)
  5. Bounding - Over-exaggerated skip. Try to get both height and distance. 20 yds (18 m)
  6. Butt kicks - While maintaining a slight forward lean, with your hands behind you, pull at the turf with your toes and kick your butt with your heels. 20 yds (18 m)
  7. Fast Carioca - Moving laterally, cross your right foot over your left and step laterally with your left. Bring your right foot behind the left, step laterally with your left and repeat. Keep your knees bent and shoulders and hips square. 20 yds (18 m). Start with your opposite foot on the way back.
  8. Fast Shuffle - Get in a good defensive position with your knees bent and shoulders slightly forward. Take a wide step laterally with your right foot and bring your left foot next to your right. Repeat quickly. 20 yds (18 m). Repeat in both directions.
  9. Low and Slow Shuffle - The same as Fast Shuffle only slower with longer and more exaggerated steps. 20 yds (18 m)
  10. Power Skips - High skip exaggerating the knee and arm action. 20 yds (18 m)
  11. Tin Soldiers - Slow march. Raise right leg straight up to face level while keeping left foot flat on the ground. Keep alternating for 20 yds (18 m).

We strongly believe in the future of nigeria football,so we want to prove we can do it to represent this dearly country in any of national or international tournament.
As one of this grassroot footballer with self-discipline and serious mind,we advise you to be yourself and copy nobody and GOD almighty we surely help you and lesds you to your real destination.
With GOD nothing is impossible.THANKS

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